ZignSec Launches System to Prevent Online Fraud


19 JANUARY 2012 (SOLNA, SWEDEN) – A new state-of-the-art mobile verification service has been launched that will allow gaming companies to more accurately verify their customers through their mobile phones, to significantly reduce the risk of fraud.

ZignSec, the new-to-market mobile verification solution, is specifically designed to enhance the customer verification process at source, via VPC Technology and SMS, for registrations, payments and log-ins. The process starts by the user entering their mobile phone number on a gaming operator’s website, from where an SMS with a “one-time pin code” is sent to the user. The user then enters the code onto the website to authorise their identity, log-in or payments details.

Markus Andersson, CEO of ZignSec, explained, “Our solution is designed to be as simple as possible for both the operators and their users whilst employing state-of-the-art technology to combat the visible and non-visible threats of fraud in the online sector.”

Andersson continued, “The system not only offers operators, particularly those in the online gaming space, the opportunity to heighten their defences against fraud, it offers them a cost effective way to do so that is significantly appreciated by their end-users.”

Companies using ZignSec will benefit from solutions such as Prevent Spam Registration (PSR), Account Access Protection (AAP) and Secure Online Payments (SOP).


For more information contact:
Jodie Thind, Lyceum Media

Markus Andersson, CEO, ZignSec

Note to Editors:
ZignSec is a brand within PayGround AB, a Svea Ekonomi Group Company. Svea Ekonomi AB was founded in 1981, and is one of the leading financial corporation groups in Europe. PayGround AB is based in Solna, Sweden. With several years of experience in system development, PayGround deliver secure mobile payment solutions, and now also the mobile verification brand, ZignSec. www.zignsec.com