Victor Chandler & Boyle Sports to Utilize the Flinders Maelstrom eGaming platform

25 APRIL 2012- Flinders Ltd today announce that they have agreed to license their Maelstrom middleware platform to several new customers including Victor Chandler and Boyle Sports.

Flinders will be integrating the platform with Victor Chandler owned Myriad Payments, the global payments solutions provider, as part of a wider project planned with Victor Chandler.

Boyle Sports have chosen Flinders as part of their international expansion to facilitate the integration of new product lines being offered in Asia and other high growth markets. Building on their existing customer base of land-based and eGaming operators, these new deals for Flinders reflect the increasing demand for Maelstrom amongst operators wishing to achieve both fast development times, and control over their customers and development strategy.

Building on their success in Europe and Asia with some of the market’s largest operators in the online and land-based sector, Flinders has also agreed to distribute the Maelstrom product into the emerging US eGaming market via Jade Gaming, the established international distributor for IGT, Novomatic, Futurelogic, etc.

Brian Hooper, CTO for the Maelstrom product explains; “Operators in the US who are looking to make their step in the eGaming space don’t want to find themselves “trapped” by the first eGaming partner or platform they choose. Finding yourself waiting for your supplier to eventually get round to putting in your change requests is an extremely frustrating experience. Maelstrom allows these new eGaming operators to evolve beyond the bottle-neck and differentiation problems that European eGaming operators have struggled with over the last 10 years. With control of their own destiny US operators can now plug in whatever they want, from whoever they want; including incorporating land-based player loyalty schemes into new eGaming product platforms so as to unite one view of the customer with integrated bonus schemes.”

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