Launches Newest Affiliate Program at London Affiliate Conference Launches Newest Affiliate Program at London Affiliate Conference

25 January 2010 (London, UK) – Real Deal Poker, the only online poker room that uses hands dealt from a mechanical dealing machine as used in live casinos, is launching its brand new affiliate program at the London Affiliate Conference this coming weekend. Affiliates can come down and meet with Paul Gambrill, Affiliate Director for Real Deal Poker, to discuss the new concept, the new program and why will have your players playing higher stakes and staying with the site longer than any other site online.

Gambrill is no stranger to the online gaming affiliate market and has a wealth of experience having previously been Head of Poker, Casino, Sportsbook marketing for two leading UK betting and gaming companies. “In all my time in this industry, I have yet to see an innovation that so clearly and concisely resonates with players as,” said Gambrill. “Players understand that at, they are playing a hand that has been dealt mechanically, and can be verified and validated as true through video surveillance. It seems simple, but sometimes simple ideas are the best.”

For those affiliates that have not heard of Real Deal Poker, employs the patented Cut N’ Shuffle® that scrambles, shuffles and deals real decks of cards, digitizes the results and then translates them to its online poker table games. Put simply, it records real shoes of cards and then plays those, rather than relying on a computerized random number generator. This allows the system to offer players a “cut function” and the deployment of “burn cards”. The system also produces fully audited hand data through its Game Check® function.

As Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Pearson always says, “This product is a real game of poker played online, not the online poker that people currently play.”

Representatives from Real Deal Poker, including Paul Gambrill, will be attending IGE and LAC in London, so to arrange a meeting and find out more about Real Deal Poker and the forthcoming affiliate program please email or directly.

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Gioia International Limited, a company incorporated in the Isle of Man, is the owner of and its patented technology, Cut N’ Shuffle® and Game Check®. Founder Gene Gioia has invested over five years to create a site where poker players will get a fair and totally auditable game of poker online, a product offering that remains unmatched by any other online poker site to date.