‘My First Time’ Video Series Debuts on the SpadeSocial.com Video Sharing Social Network

My First Time Video Series Debuts on the SpadeSocial Video Sharing Social Network1 August 2011 (Dublin, Ireland) – Video sharing social network SpadeSocial.com has launched the first of its own original online video programs, My First Time. The erotic, cleverly written web series features beautiful, scantily clad women talking about their “first time” poker experiences. So far they’ve shared secrets about their first bluff and their first “Doyle Brunson”.

SpadeSocial is the largest video sharing social network in the online gambling space. It launched several weeks with over 20,000 poker, casino and sports betting videos. The new virtual community aggregates existing video content from major web video networks and users who join the site are encouraged and enabled to submit their own gambling-related content. The platform will provide Live Stream facilities for broadcasting events live to the gambling community.

“My First Time is our first time too – it’s the first of the video series that we’ll producing ourselves,” said SpadeSocial.com co-founder John Kamara. “It’s a sexy, kind of tongue-in-cheek way to explore different angels to various experiences in poker. It’s exciting, fun to watch and very entertaining.”
Kamara vows to serve the largest amount of free video content to users from all over the internet. The site is also producing other shows and continues to aggregate content for its rapidly growing online gambling community.

“The social web in the online gambling space is no longer going to be about idle chatter on a platform populated by reactive users,” adds Kamara. “SpadeSocial is about a world of PRO-active users and engaging content aggregated and created by community members.”


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SpadeSocial is a video social network for poker, casino, and sportsbook enthusiasts. Based in Dublin, Ireland, the virtual community for gamblers has aggregated over 20,000 gambling videos from all over the internet and enables members to share their own video content. SpaceSocial co-produces original video programs and broadcasts events to the gambling community.