VueTec Appoints New CEO

22 April 2010 – Scottish-born Grant Fraser (30) and a married dad of two, has just been appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer of VueTec Ltd, the company that owns and operates the hugely successful online casino, VueTec Ltd is the company behind the revolutionary DISTANCE GAMING™ software that allows customers the ability to bet in a live casino online from the comfort of their own home.

Just nine years ago, Grant graduated from the University of St Andrews not knowing what career path to take. Today, he is one of the youngest deputy CEO’s in Scotland.

Grant previously worked for CR Smith, Setanta Sports and Dog Digital before taking up his current post. On his new venture, Grant explains: “I’m really excited to take DublinBet to the next level and I want to create the best possible team. I plan to surround myself with people that are in some ways better than me! Success breeds success and I also subscribe to the adage that hard work pays great rewards.”

Grant’s first job has made a lasting impression. “I was part of the first-ever CR Smith Graduate programme. Owner Gerrard Eadie was a huge influence on me. I learned everything there was to know about how to run a successful business from one of the best entrepreneurs in the country.”

At Dog Digital in Glasgow, Grant gained invaluable experience in the world of the web, which makes the unique opportunity of even more appealing to him. He joined VueTec after being impressed with the revolutionary software that makes the DublinBet experience truly unique.

Any DublinBet customer can go online and take part in live games going on within the highly respectable Fitzwilliam Casino & Card Club in Dublin. This can be for ‘play credits’ (for fun) or for real money.

“It is not a “virtual casino” but a proper brick & mortar casino with a great atmosphere. When you choose the game you want to play – whether it is roulette, blackjack or another one of their exciting live games – it is actually being played in the Fitzwilliam Club at that exact moment.

All live results are determined from a real game and are not computer generated. Consequently, customers trust the results and it is no surprise that is growing rapidly across Europe and the world. DublinBet strongly promote safe and responsible gambling with a strict over-18 policy in operation.

To relax, Grant loves golf, football and tennis although with both his children being less than two he seldom gets the chance to play these days!


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VueTec is a software development company specialising in providing live internet casino packages which will forever change the way we view online gaming.

Whilst most online casinos present artificial games that simulate casino play, VueTec’s Distance Gaming™ software allows patrons to participate directly in games being played in a real casino, using only their home PC and internet connection. Live games are played with an easy-to-use graphical interface, and provide live video & results from a game as it is in progress in the casino. For more information visit