to Offer 100 to 1 Odds to Prove its Games are Fair

realdealpoker-logo1.jpg4 February 2010 (London, UK) – Gene Gioia the founder of is standing by his commitment to offer a fair game of poker online by offering 100-1 odds to players who request and pay for an audit of their game via an independent auditor.

Launching March 2010, employs patented technology including the unique provision of a “cut function” and deployment of “burn cards”, something that no other online poker site currently provides. The patented Cut N’ Shuffle® system is a fully automated, real card dealing system that scrambles, shuffles and deals real decks of cards, digitizes the results and then translates them to its online poker table games. Also used is the first system capable of producing post-game audit results, Game Check®.

For a small fee, any player can call for an independent, third party audit of any game, current or past.

All game data, including the video capture of the originating deck is sent by the Gioia server to the independent auditing agency to enable them to compare the game results against the deck that was supposed to be used in that particular game.

Shortly after requesting an audit, the player will get the results. An independent auditor can apply specific auditing procedures that allow them to determine if the game play and results are accurate. If the auditor finds any irregularities in game results and cannot validate the game, all players involved in that game will have their money from the game returned to them and the person calling for the audit will be credited 100 times the fee charged for the audit. So, for example, if the audit fee to the player is $50 and the independent auditor cannot validate game results, the player paying the $50 audit fee is credited $5,000 to his account. “

“This is our commitment to providing a game of poker that players can trust,” says Gene Gioia. “If you want to try and prove our games are not fair, then bet me!”



A Live Exclusive Demo of Cut N’ Shuffle® and Game Check® to the Press will take place in London on Feb 9th.
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Gioia Systems International Limited, a company incorporated in the Isle of Man, is the owner of and its patented technology, Cut N’ Shuffle® and Game Check®. Founder Gene Gioia has invested over five years to create a site where poker players will get a fair and totally auditable game of poker online, a product offering that remains unmatched by any other online poker site to date.