OneComply Inc. releases compliance and licensing solution with support from gaming manufacturer GameCo LLC.

Vancouver B.C., May 19, 2020 – Las Vegas-based GameCo LLC (“GameCo”) and Vancouver-based OneComply Inc. (“OneComply”) have entered into a service agreement that will see the launch of OneComply, a web-based compliance, and licensing solution.

Arguably one of the United States’ most strictly regulated industries, the gambling industry is expected to adhere to extensive jurisdictional licensing and investigation processes. This leaves individuals and companies to manually file and submit lengthy applications to each jurisdiction for investigation and approval. This causes confusion on requirements, breakdown in operational and legal efficiencies, and out of date submissions as time goes on.

Founded by a team of former casino executives, tech engineers, regulatory investigators, and gaming counsel, OneComply has developed a comprehensive solution that allows gambling and gambling-related companies to store their licensing data and documentation for ongoing governance, regulatory investigation and the immediate creation of jurisdictional applications in secure cloud software.

“While we fully support the need for extensive applications and background investigations, a modernization of the process is urgently needed as companies look to maintain and grow their business efficiently. As a gaming executive, the amount of time spent not only with accountants and lawyers working on completing the documents but the time spent ensuring this information was consistent across applications and appropriately secured was an exhaustive drain of time and money that is better spent on running business operations,” said Cameron Conn, CEO, and Co-Founder of OneComply Inc.

“Our company was built on the foundation of innovation and look forward to supporting this modern approach to compliance. As a licensed manufacturer, we are constantly balancing market demand for our products with the ability to meet regulatory scale. We believe OneComply would reduce time, money, and complexity while delivering to the highest common standard,” said Blaine Graboyes, CEO of GameCo.

“We are very excited about the launch of the OneComply solution with GameCo. Support from companies like GameCo has been vital in ensuring the impactfulness of the product. We truly feel this will ease the ongoing stress companies face when meeting application and licensing requirements,” added Conn.

OneComply is currently focusing on the North American Market with full product scalability to meeting global regulatory requirements by 2021

About OneComply Inc.

OneComply Inc. uses combined decades of experience in the gambling, technology, and regulated industries to provide modernized and secure approaches to corporate and personal licensing. The 2020 launch of their namesake product allows for individuals and businesses’ to use a single solution to centralize application data to create multiple applications instantly, improving efficiency, accuracy, and security to the application process. The leadership team is committed to continuing the expansion of their solution to cover all aspects of compliance in the gambling and other state-regulated industry.

About GameCo Inc.

GameCo LLC is the foremost innovator and trailblazer in creating the hottest new casino gambling sector: Video Game Gambling. The inventor of the world’s Video Game Gambling Machine (VGM™), GameCo’s products and platforms combine the fun and interactivity of video games with the thrill and anticipation of gambling. The company’s VGM platform allows a player’s skill to impact the payout and winnings while maintaining the same casino economics as slot machines – combining chance and skill in an entirely new way. The first video game platform approved by any gambling regulator in the United States, GameCo’s VGM allows game developers to distribute video games into the licensed casino market, while enabling casino owners a compelling new vehicle to attract a new audience to casino floors. The company currently offers an array of casual, sports, and core game genres in both single player and multiplayer gambling formats, as well as esports-style tournaments. GameCo is developing VGM games under license from major game developers and entertainment IP companies, including Paramount’s “Mission Impossible”, Steve Aoki from DJ Kid Millionaire LTD., “SOULCALIBUR™II” with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc., and Star Trek with CBS Consumer Products, Inc.

GameCo LLC is privately held and headquartered in Las Vegas with additional offices in New York City. GameCo is currently licensed to operate in more than twenty gaming jurisdictions, including Nevada. For the latest GameCo news, please visit or follow the company on Twitter at


Cameron B. Conn
CEO and Co-Founder