KEYNOTE SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT:  Influencer CEO – Ben Jeffries joins the line up for AffiliateFEST agenda

Affiliate Insider has promised to keep “affiliate entrepreneurs ahead of digital disruption” after securing Influencer CEO Ben Jeffries as a keynote speaker for AffiliateFEST 2018.

The fourth edition of AffiliateFEST is being held at Hilton Olympia on Wednesday 19 September, alongside the Betting on Sports Week in London (18-21 September). At just 22 years of age, Jeffries has already become an undisputed leader in influencer marketing having developed cutting edge techniques and technologies for Influencer, a company he founded alongside YouTube sensation Caspar Lee.

Influencer is an AI-driven, SaaS platform, allowing brands to manage influencer marketing campaigns from start to finish. The brands can connect with the most influential content creators on social media, having reviewed their analytics and follower demographics to make sure they are perfect for both their brand and campaign.

Jeffries’ keynote session will explore influencer marketing as an acquisition medium and help affiliates to understand the value that this can bring to their sites as a new form of online marketing, which is on the rise but yet to find its fit within the affiliate channel. The content will help #AffiliateFEST2018 delegates to better understand how they can implement the concept to increase brand reach and promote acquisition.

“I am excited to be speaking at this year’s AffiliateFEST,” said Jeffries. “There is such a strong relationship between affiliates and influencer marketing, which I don’t feel has been explored to its fullest yet. “Factor in iGaming and you have three of the biggest industries of the moment. I’m looking forward to talking to people about the synergy between these three industries, and the best and most mutually beneficial way to harness it.”

Affiliate Insider CEO Lee-Ann Johnstone added: “We’re thrilled to have Ben and Influencer join us at this year’s Bootcamp to teach our delegates about how influencer marketing is impacting the affiliate channel.“AffiliateFEST is designed to keep affiliate entrepreneurs ahead of digital disruption so it’s vitally important our bootcamps are delivering the latest insights in an ever-changing landscape. Innovation and skills development is at the forefront of all that we do to support revenue growth in this channel for affiliates and operators alike.”

As with previous AffiliateFEST editions, the focus will firmly be on providing a depth of content around digital learning, as opposed to selling and promotion of services. The agenda has been curated by Johnstone to help iGaming affiliates to growth hack their businesses through a day of intense digital learning and exclusive networking opportunities.

As well as Jeffries, the list of confirmed speakers already includes CEO Jan SammutMiratrix Founder Nick DuddyHarris Hagan Partner John HaganMishcon Partner Nick NoctonScout Gaming Group Commercial Director Joakim RenmanBGO CMO Allan TurnerBlockchip COO Diana Rotaru and former Google SEO expert Fili Wiese from Search Brothers.