Just Two Weeks Left of the BetterBetting ICO Public Sale for BETR, the Betting Currency of the Future

January 17, 2018 – Tallinn, Estonia: BetterBetting, a blockchain based, decentralised peer-to-peer sports betting system, has now reached its soft cap of $2 million and is expected to quickly reach its $30m hard cap by the end of January.

Once the target $30m in ICO sales is reached there will be no further token sales apart from maintenance tokens (to compensate for tokens burnt as part of transaction fees) and reserve funds. The total token pool is hard capped at 650,000,000 BETR.

Of the total tokens, 180m tokens will be locked in reserve making the liquid distribution only about 470m (depending on token sales). The digital BetterBetting currency will be the industry standard for a transparent, provably fair and trustless sports betting system, for all online sports gaming.

The company’s advanced distributed peer-to-peer and peer-to-sportsbook wagering platform facilitated through frictionless use of BETR, will be accepted and integrated with the leading sports betting sites, worldwide.

In light of the public interest and quick sale of of the BETR token to reach its soft cap, a rapid progression of token sales is expected through the rest of the bonus levels (see website for details). Cryptocurrency enthusiasts can purchase their share of BETR only until January 31st, 2018 or until the hard cap of $30 million is reached.

BetterBetting to ICO Investors: Get Tokens Before They Sell Out
Once the hard cap is reached, a total of up to 650,000,000 BETR will have been released (with some locked in reserve). These tokens will immediately be usable as a value token by sports bettors for wagers in sportsbooks that cater to BETR clients, and in peer-to-peer bets.

The target date for the launch of the fully fledged, much-awaited, Better Betting Nodes compatible with BETR will be on March 31st, 2018, but owners of the token will be able to use their BETR with select sportsbooks before the official launch date.

BetterBetting encourages savvy crypto investors to purchase their BETR tokens now, as its low price is expected to appreciate in value within a short time after the hard cap. There is minimal risk in buying tokens as they are tradable within two weeks after purchase, and will almost immediately start being used as value tokens on associated sportsbooks. On January 31st, 2018, when the ICO ends, the hard cap for BETR cannot be increased beyond the 650m limit.

BETR: Transparency and Provable Fairness
Adriaan Brink, the CEO and Founder of Better Betting Foundation, stated:
“With our innovative Better Betting platform and BETR tokens, we bring for the first time in history, a robust, decentralised peer-to peer paradigm to the world of sports betting. No more credit cards, wire transfers and other outdated payment mechanisms.

“BETR tokens will also trade on major crypto exchanges and can always be bought and sold against other cryptocurrencies. We are proud to introduce a new betting currency respecting the underlying structure of a sports bet, yet optimised by use of blockchain technology.”

By removing much of the friction associated with placing sports bets, Brink’s team has created a transparent and provably fair peer-to-peer sports betting system that is not controlled by a central authority. With a core team of seasoned industry experts, BetterBetting is ready to introduce BETR to the world.

Brink added: “Working with major industry players, this decentralized liquidity marketplace for sports betting can be used in many different ways and provides automated programmatic interfaces so that existing sportsbooks can link into the system. Working with, rather than against, major industry players with a zero-margin model, we seek to provide the railway tracks for sports betting in the future.”

Get your BETR tokens before the hard cap is reached at https://www.betterbetting.org to claim your stake in the tremendous market of online betting, and see your gains skyrocket.


About BetterBetting
The BetterBetting Foundation was established in 2017 in Estonia, aiming to integrate blockchain technology into sports betting for a decentralized gambling system. Founded by Adriaan Brink and David Vanrenen, BetterBetting is a non-profit group of ICO and sports betting experts inclusive of the supervisory board members David Vanrenen, Hilly Ehrlich, and Mitchell Rankin; and the advisors Jon Matonis, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Jez San, and Eric Benz. For more information, go to https://betterbetting.org/

All other enquiries please contact:
Lindsey Lewis
Better Betting
+44 7500 662977