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18 September 2008 (LONDON, UK) – What would you do if you won over four million dollars at an online casino?

Well, such was the question faced by Sylvia P. from Quebec Canada who scooped $4,188,719.98 to be exact playing Joyland’s Beach Life slot machine.

Her first reaction was to scream as she never had before. “My first words were, ‘Oh my God. I won. I WON’”, says Sylvie as she recalls the moment she become an instant multi-millionaire.
The words were aimed at Sylvie’s brother Henry, who she was speaking to on the phone at the time. His reaction? He must have misheard his sister.

“He just said ‘calm down, calm down’. But when I said the amount again, and he asked whether I meant four thousand.”

Once Henry was fully aware of the enormity of the win, it took some time for it to fully sink in. “He just kept saying to me, calm down, and breathe deeply and he just kept laughing,” says Sylie.

Like thousands of others, Sylvie enjoys the excitement of Joyland Casino from the comfort of her own home. Moreover, it is her family she has to thank for her stupendous luck, and particularly her Father who passed away in 2000.

“I have been playing combinations of my father’s lottery numbers every since he died. In addition I have added number 36 which was the year in which he was born. My father really did give me the luck I needed”. Once she had shared the amazing news with the rest of her family and friends, thoughts soon turned to what she would do next with her mega-win.

“Like everyone you always wish to win one day and not to have to worry about money ever again”. Honestly life hasn’t been easy. But now the priority is to buy a house and to give my two children some new furniture.”

“This is amazing news” said Mia Collins, VIP Manager at Joyland Casino, “you always hope that one of your customers will win the big one and now it’s happened and whats more this is one of the biggest jackpot wins in online casino history. We are so proud of Sylvie”.
Sylvie has a last word of advice for all the other players on Joyland dreaming of what they could do for their family if they ever won big…

“Never stop dreaming and hoping,” she says. “because one day maybe you will be the one in the hall of fame just like me. To all Joyland staff, a million ‘thank yous’ for your support and don’t stop your good work.”

We won’t Sylvie.

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