ISBB launches new online betting system with the Advanced Betting & Lottery Platform from LVS & Lotsys


· New ISBB web and mobile sportsbook – – with ABP

· Easy ABP integration thanks to open technology

· Advanced risk management features for better trading team productivity

February 3, 2014, London, UK (Press Release) – British sports betting software provider LVS Ltd and its French counterpart, lottery solutions specialist Lotsys SAS (FDJ Group) announced today that the Israel Sports Betting Board (ISBB), exclusive rights operator for sports betting in Israel, is now live with the system they jointly delivered to this customer.

LVS and Lotsys won an international tender to supply their Advanced Betting & Lottery Platform technology (ABP) to ISBB in the form of a customized ABP platform comprising a sportsbook, a transactional engine, web and mobile site (

“This solution provides the foundation to sustain ISBB’s growth for the next decade,” said Zach Fishbein, Chairman of ISBB. CEO Itshak Lary added: “We have chosen modernity and flexibility with LVS and Lotsys.”

This project is part of ISBB’s strategy to upgrade their offer to customers and distribute a much broader range of sports and markets. ISBB is enhancing productivity with the ABP sportsbook automation suite and ABP open architecture to enable real-time integration with satellite systems and online services.

“ISBB is a very interesting customer; they are sharp and highly skilled in sports betting and IT,” said Simon Ordish, LVS CEO. “They know what they want and this project was a great opportunity to boost our roadmap.”

ABP is a new generation of betting solution developed on modern yet proven technologies, such as Java and Oracle for the backend and Ruby on Rails for the frontend, and exposes all its services through an open REST API, considerably facilitating integration processes.

Pascal Blyau, LVS Managing Director & FDJ Development Director summed up: “While ABP was initially designed for online betting operators, this kind of project allows us to extend ABP into a much more global and multi-channel solution purpose-fitted for sports betting and lottery operators. ABP is a new class of gaming solution and is becoming a best-seller in the lottery world.”

Media Contact:

Jodie Thind
Lyceum Media – Press Relation Director

Pascal Blyau
LVS – Managing Director

Baruch Dagon
ISBB – International Relations

Notes to Editors:

LVS Ltd., a subsidiary of FDJ (Française des Jeux), delivers modern and open sports betting and gaming solutions based on the Advanced Betting & Lottery Platform (ABP), which enables bets on any kind of sport and markets, live betting, multiple price lines on any kind of digital and retail channel, state of the art risk management, cost efficient operation and has been extended to lottery games. For more information please visit

Lotsys SAS, a subsidiary of FDJ (Française des Jeux), delivers products, solutions and integration services to lotteries and betting operators. Lotsys has prestigious references from around the world, and has already installed nearly 200,000 lottery terminals in partnership with Safran Morpho. For more information please

The Israel Sports Betting Board (ISBB) is the state-owned licensed organization that offers sports betting games in Israel, with the most popular games being the daily Odds (Winner Line), weekly Winner 16 and Racer (new horse race betting launched in 2013). ISBB is a member of the World Lottery Association (WLA) and the European Lotteries Association (EL). ISBB’s 2013 sales reached a new record of €409 million. ISBB ranks 11th in the 2012 World Lottery Almanach (T.Lafleur) for sports betting sales (excluding horse racing/dog racing), and 8th in terms of bets per capita. All ISBB profit is dedicated to developing community and sports promotion programs in Israel.

FDJ (Française des Jeux) ranks 4th among lotteries worldwide with €12.3 billion in bets made in 2013. FDJ offers lottery and sports betting to its 27.1 million customers, providing secure and responsible entertainment. The group including its subsidiaries (Lotsys & LVS) has 1,700 employees and is supported by a local network of 33,400 points of sale. The online offer has now reached one million players. In 2013, FDJ redistributed more than 95% of its gaming proceeds, €8.07 billion in winnings to players, €3 billion to the community, of which €230 million for Grassroots sports, and more than €620 million to retailers.