Fire & Ice : Original Sin Survival Guide

fi12os-160.jpg alt=Fire & Ice Original Sin will be a challenge even for the most hard core partier. We have put together a brief survival guide to help you make it through the night with your soul intact.

1) Drink Plenty of Water. Water will not only keep you hydrated, which will keep your hangover at bay for your meetings the next day, but if you drink Holy Water, any satanic demons that may enter you throughout the night will likely be expelled.

2) Bring money, your attorney and a Priest/Rabi. Money can get you out of a lot of tight situations, but bringing your lawyer can’t hurt either. Hunter S Thompson went to Vegas with his lawyer – You should come to Fire&Ice with yours. As for the Priest/Rabbi, it will become clear why you need them on the night…

3) Just in case you’ve been wrong about it all these years, besides your Priest/Rabbi, bring a Witch Doctor, Shaman and a Yogi.

4) Strap on a giant set of brass balls. You are going to see things that you never thought you’d see in your life. If you’re not feeling brave, this show may leave you in a shell of your former self.

5) Book a stall in a confessionary near a greasy spoon café. When you wake up the first thing you’ll want to do is go to confession. That way, regardless of what happens to you later in the day, should death come knocking at your door, you’ll be ready to walk into the light with a clear conscience. Make sure the confessionary is near enough to a greasy spoon café – you’re bound to be in that confessionary for a very, very long time, and you’ll need a big breakfast after working up that kind of appetite.

If you follow the 5 simple rules above, you should have no trouble surviving Fire&Ice: Original Sin without demonic possession, without a felony record and without a complete nervous breakdown. We look forward to seeing you on the night, and remember: What goes on in the Dark, Will come out in the Light.

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