Fashion TV Gaming Group crowns Miss Fashion TV Gaming World 2019 at official international contest in Malta


The Group unveiled its “FashionTV Gaming World” for the first time whilst crowning the face of the brand for the coming year.

Malta, 5 June 2019 – Always known for doing things differently, FashionTV Gaming Group ( have taken to the stage and crowned the very first ever Miss ‘FashionTV Gaming World’ Alina Katlobai during a glamorous event at the historic Fort St Elmo, in the capital of Valletta.

The chic event brought together industry leaders, local celebrities, as well as high profile individuals from both the worlds of fashion and online gaming.

The event’s main sponsors included the award-winning tech giant BetConstruct, and Vbet, an international successful leading online gaming operator that offers a wide highly creative range of casino games as well as live casino games and tens of thousands of global sporting events.

Today, FashionTV Gaming Group represents one of the most unique and fast-growing companies in the international gaming industry, that’s backed by global TV network giant FashionTV, which enjoys over 2 billion viewers around the world.

Over the last four months, FashionTV Gaming Group has been taking the industry by storm, holding a series of glamorous launches around the world while introducing its unique concept across Europe, India, Africa, Asia and beyond. By doing so, FashionTV Gaming Group has been the first world mover to bridge the real world of high fashion and glamour with the virtual world of online gaming.

By applying a unique B2B sublicensing model for the powerful FashionTV brand and its vision, FashionTV Gaming Group allows software providers and suppliers around the world to build and run their own FashionTV branded gaming products via sublicensing model; including developing FashionTV branded games and websites, as well as rolling out a series of branded casinos, live dealers, sports betting sites, bingo, lotto and other gaming verticals.

The event also marked the debut of ‘FashionTV Gaming World’ an exclusive space reserved to those compatible with this grand vision. Being a part of this exclusive World offers the global gaming industry the opportunity to launch a new gaming venture under the FashionTV franchise, allowing it to capitalise on the global reach and power of this mega brand.

“It’s is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle and FashionTV Gaming World embodies this vision. Being a first of its kind, the new ‘FashionTV Gaming World’ welcomes a new era of online gaming and grants access to areas that were previously unattainable, offering a slice of FashionTV sophistication across both the real and virtual worlds”, noted Aviva Baner, Head of Media at FashionTV Gaming Group.

A panel of judges for the Miss FashionTV Gaming Awards 2019, headed by Mrs Alona Fischbein, Fashion TV Executive Director, selected the gorgeous Alina Katlobai from Ukraine as Miss Fashion TV Gaming World this year. Ms Katlobai, a talent by herself, was awarded the unique opportunity to become the face of FashionTV Gaming Group for 2019 in its various ventures around the world as well as a cash prize.

“This event was a great representation of what to expect from the FashionTV Gaming World and we look forward to sharing the FashionTV experience with others in the near future”, Ms Baner concluded.

Other sponsors included the Malta Tourism Authority,, Airmalta, and Malta Fashion Week.

 Miss Fashion TV Gaming World Promo video:


Editor’s notes:
About FashionTV Gaming Group:
FashionTV Gaming Group holds the global exclusive license to utilise FashionTV Brand for all online gaming activities, backed by the FashionTV giant network the Group aims to bridge the gap between the worlds of luxury fashion and events and the virtual online gaming worlds.

The company and its current partners branded online games and websites allow players to enjoy a real glamorous lifestyle while playing some of their favourite online gambling games from big-name providers.

By drawing on extensive FashionTV archives and countless storylines, FashionTV Gaming Group presents new generation of branded online gaming verticals through a series of slots, arcade, table games, sports and more, as well as Live Casino games and Live Dealers. FashionTV branded online gaming products bring in a significant audience that’s there for the FashionTV experience.

And speaking of which, players and affiliates are rewarded for their participation and loyalty with exclusive prizes, FashionTV branded goods and tickets to some of the most exclusive parties around the world amongst others.

The Fashion TV Gaming Group business model includes licensing companies to utilise FashionTV brand in developing banded games or build and run FashionTV branded gaming verticals.

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