€2M Keno and Video Poker From Topjack Games

topjack-games-160.jpg28 September 2012 (Valletta, MALTA)- Keno and video poker just got better. Mega jackpot game pioneers Topjack are putting their Lloyd’s of London insured €2M jackpots on Keno and Video Poker.

Keno and Video Poker lovers can for the first time ever win up to $£€2 million when they wager just $£€1 on their favourite game. It’s a dream for both players and Topjack business partners.

Isabel Para from El Penguini Games was quoted as saying “We are looking forward to advertising the world’s first $2 million jackpot on video poker and keno. In 2013, Topjack Games will be providing jackpots at both $5 million and $10 million,” she said.

“These unique games will assist us greatly in retaining, acquiring, and converting our players. Topjack clearly understands the marketplace and continue to bring out these world first jackpot games for our players.”

Topjack Games founder Nick Lynes is overwhelmed by the positive reaction to the company’s new products.

“We are going from strength to strength and have enjoyed a huge amount of interest. We have now signed 5 white label deals since launch with more on the way. Our partners see the benefit of being first to market with our instant win multi-million & multi-currency jackpots,” he said.

“We are using our unique arrangement with underwriters Lloyds of London to offer both players and businesses the chance to enjoy life changing jackpots on all games.”

Topjackgames.com are applying their jackpot formula to instant lotto, slots, scratch cards, bingo, video poker, blackjack, roulette and keno. They offer million dollar prizes on the world’s most popular games. With no risk and no need for player liquidity or jackpot seeding it is proving a big hit.


About Topjack Games
Topjack Games is a next generation e-gaming supplier offering both players and partners access to multi-million instant win jackpot games that do not require player liquidity or jackpot seeding. Insured by Lloyd’s of London, and licensed with the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority, Topjack Games is redefining the online and offline jackpots landscape for the 21st century.

Corporate website: Topjackgames.com
Demo website: winawage.com