CEREUS Software Achieved eCOGRA Accreditation

Cereus improvements lead to tier one software accreditation

1 December 2009 (London, UK) – The independent standards authority of the online gaming industry, eCOGRA, has announced that the CEREUS online poker network has achieved the required standards for its Certified Software accreditation seal. eCOGRA is specifically known for their focus on fair gaming and player protection.

Determined that there should never again be a repeat of the issues that resulted in it paying out millions of dollars to disadvantaged players, management at the CEREUS online poker network tasked their poker and back end software provider [1] with key product developments and vast improvements to its security and safety measures designed to protect players and enhance the overall gaming experience.

The result is one of the most tightly constructed online poker softwares in the industry, which has passed the stringent inspection regime of standards and player protection non-profit eCOGRA with flying colours.

A rigorous on-site review, which encompassed every aspect of the company’s software development activities, was conducted earlier this year by professional eCOGRA auditing and technical staff. The CEREUS software achieved full compliance with eCOGRA’s Generally Accepted Practices (eGAP), a set of industry best practice operational and management requirements.

“CEREUS management’s commitment to compliance, specifically player safety, facilitated an efficient review and certification process,” Sean Roberts, Compliance Manager at the London offices of eCOGRA reported.

“The active measures taken, in light of events that impacted players, coupled with an impressive range of additional mitigating controls that have since been implemented, have contributed to the CEREUS online poker network’s software reaching the standards we require for software accreditation.”

Following the inspection team’s report, eCOGRA’s independent Seals Compliance Committee confirmed that the software is implemented, maintained and continuously operated in a safe, secure and reliable manner, and awarded the software accreditation seal.