Casino Portal Calls for End to Cruelty to Greyhounds and other Race Dogs Urges iGaming Colleagues to Stop Making Money from Animal Cruelty

27 July 2010 (Valletta, Malta) – Online Gambling Pal is urging iGaming colleagues to refuse to profit from sports betting that perpetuates cruelty to animals and to sign a petition against the cruel treatment of Greyhounds used for British dog racing.

“I refuse to profit from greyhound betting and racing which perpetuates horrible, inhumane cruelty to racing dogs,” said Jack Mason of “Greyhound races and Galgo hunting and the treatment the dogs receive are more like scenes from a horror movie. I urge my colleagues to check their websites and remove any content which promotes, encourages or facilitates greyhound betting and racing.”

According to Jack Mason, Spain is ranked number one when it comes to the killing of wind hounds. The tradition of hunting with hounds is still popular there. As a result: tens of thousands of dogs are killed for no reason after the hunting season ends. The Spaniards see death as entertainment. The annual hanging of dogs is not an unusual event. Because the Spaniards don’t feel a special bond with the dogs, they don’t feel remorse at killing them.

Great Britain comes in second place in this terrible list. In England an annual £ 2.5 billion is spent on greyhound betting. In Ireland excessive breeding is a well known phenomenon. 80% of the dogs bred are shipped to England and sold for hundreds, sometimes thousands of Euros. Greyhounds who don’t perform at racetracks are considered suitable test animals for laboratories and even universities.

The United States is third on the list, although the U.S. is slowly showing positive signs of improvement. Because of the economic crisis, racetracks are closing down. This means a lot of greyhounds have to be re-homed, while there aren’t enough owners. The problem isn’t over yet however, with over 20 racetracks remaining active. A lot of owners can’t feed their dogs, while trainers are reluctant to speak up as it could cost them their job. calls upon the Spanish, British and Americans who approve or promote sports involving greyhounds and galgos to stop now. Websites which encourage betting on dog racing also have a moral responsibility.

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