BlockChain Innovations Corporation launches crypto-currency wallet,

TORONTO, CANADA – July 12, 2018 – BlockChain Innovations Corp. (“BCI” or the “Company”), an international blockchain technology supplier serving the regulated gaming industry, is pleased to announce the launch of ( is the supplier’s fully-functional crypto-currency wallet for users to manage and exchange multiple crypto-currencies for smart-contract coins. Users can also buy, sell, and exchange wagers via its PebbleShare tipbot, as well as access BCI’s smart contracts platform.

Matthew Stafford, BCI’s CEO commented, “Our solution is easy to use for the player and simple for an operator to integrate. Our crypto-wallet seamlessly integrates with existing player account management systems and, with a single email to their player database, operators can offer a one-click registration for any known player to set up their crypto-wallet and then begin accepting cryptocurrency for smart contract wagers”.

The wallet communicates to any existing operator’s PAM via an API and, in addition to standard transaction accounting and reporting, operators may permit wagering between players using pay-as you-go crypto-currency, where no money is on deposit as well as players with fiat currency on deposit, in their existing operator account.

Once activated, users with popular crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum may then exchange those coins for PebbleCoin and begin placing smart-contract wagers.

PebbleCoin, the gambling-by-design crypto-currency BCI’s technology utilizes, is one of the first crypto-currencies to use smart contracts and trade them as freely as coins and with a revolutionary next step.

Attached to each contract is the outcome of a public event such as a football match, horserace, e-sport contest, or stock and commodity price fluctuation. PebbleCoin’s unique features make it the only crypto-currency that can facilitate instant confirmation and real-time wagering.

Noting PebbleCoin’s security and network advantages, Matthew went on to state: “PebbleCoin utilizes a best-of-breed crypto-note distributed ledger and a delegated proof of stake distributed network for maximum security at near-zero cost. In addition, it properly incentivizes those grading the contracts through a public system of scoring and voting to provide users with fully transparent, trustless distributed network”.

About BlockChain Innovation Corp.

Blockchain Innovations is headquartered in Las Vegas. The company designs and develops market ready blockchain technology for public and private real-money wagering and peer-to-peer gaming companies across the globe.

The company’s blockchain technology consists of a fully functional crypto-currency wallet, a tipbot (PebbleShare) for easily sending and receiving smart contracts, and its smart contracts platform, which is the ideal wagering eco-system for instant confirmation and where contracts are tradeable, divisible, transferable. In addition, it offers new wagering not available in traditional retail or online markets.

The company’s technology is built around PebbleCoin, a gambling-by-design cryptocurrency that has been mined since 2015. PebbleCoin’s unique features make it the only crypto-currency that can facilitate real-time wagering.

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