BlockChain Innovations Corp. CTO, Morris Mosseri to speak at Betting on Sports 2018 in London

TORONTO, CANADA – September 13, 2018 BlockChain Innovations Corp. (“BCI”), an international blockchain technology supplier serving the regulated gaming industry, is pleased to announce that Morris Mosseri, CTO, will present at Betting on Sports 2018 on September 19th.

Also attending and moderating a panel is David Wang, Founder and Chairman of BCI. Betting on Sports is one of the largest and most reputable sports betting conferences, with all the major operators and suppliers attending.

Morris Mosseri said, “BCI’s blockchain solution and products are beyond a doubt the most dynamic and market ready for the wagering industry. It’s the backbone of any digital offering for a modern operator and I look forward to presenting our technology to the world’s leading gaming operators and suppliers.

“BCI began developing its gaming-by-design technology in 2015 and it is currently the only blockchain solution to give gaming companies across all sectors of the wagering industry, including sportsbooks and exchanges, lotteries, e-sports, and daily fantasy, the ability to offer instant confirmation of on-blockchain live-event wagering, which is deposit-less, secure, and truly managed on a distributed network.

About BlockChain Innovation Corp.

Blockchain Innovations is headquartered in Las Vegas. The company designs and develops market ready blockchain technology for public and private real-money wagering and peer-to-peer gaming companies across the globe.

The company’s blockchain technology consists of a fully functional crypto-currency wallet and tipbot, PebbleShare, for easily sending and receiving smart contracts, and its smart contracts platform, which is the ideal wagering eco-system for instant confirmation, where contracts are tradeable, divisible, transferable and new wagering not available in traditional retail or online markets.

The company’s technology is built around PebbleCoin, a gambling-by-design cryptocurrency that has been mined since 2015. PebbleCoin’s unique features make it the only crypto-currency that can facilitate real-time wagering.

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