BetterBetting Ready for the World Cup

For the first time in history, a digital token (BETR) will be available during the FIFA World Cup, the biggest sports betting event in the world, for true peer-to-peer betting with no central party, providing a robust escrow and settlement service.

BetterBetting, an innovative new secure peer-to-peer sports betting system, aims to reach its $30m hard cap limit and close its BETR token sale to the public.

The digital BetterBetting currency will be the industry standard for a transparent and provably fair sports betting system, and available for use during the World Cup in Russia, June 14th- July 15th and beyond.

There is no requirement for a regulated entity, since there is no central intermediary and there is no licensable entity (such as a bookmaker or exchange). The role of bookmaker is filled by a smart, automated system.

This doesn’t mean bookmakers and exchanges cannot participate; they will simply be another entity on the system. And since no operator is necessary or utilized on the system, access to betting in jurisdictions where dealing with operators is illegal is not an issue.

No more credit cards, wire transfers and other outdated payment mechanisms. BETR (Betting tokens) will take their place and can always be sold and traded with coins such as bitcoin and ethereum.

BetterBetting and its BETR token afford sports fans access to large wholesale bets too. There is a massive market for betting where the amounts exceed those that individual operators are prepared to risk. This system will provide the liquidity to enable these bets to be placed as there are no system limits. Bets are pooled so many parties can match a single bet.

Punters have no risk of operators who have insufficient funds to lay their bets – in this system all bets are pre-funded on both sides. And again, the system facilitates interactions between participants, not human operators. Punters know that they will be paid their winnings – no questions asked!

After purchasing your BETR tokens here, placing your bets at the World Cup and seeing your bets pay off, you can rest assured your winnings will be distributed as soon the bet is resulted.

Sports enthusiasts can purchase their share of BETR only until January 31st, 2018 or until the hard cap of $30 million is reached.

BetterBetting to Sports Fans: Get Tokens Before They Sell Out

Once the hard cap is reached, a total of up to 650,000,000 BETR will have been released (with some locked in reserve). These tokens will immediately be usable as a value token by sports bettors for wagers in sportsbooks that cater to BETR clients, and in peer-to-peer bets.

The target date for the launch of the fully fledged, much-awaited, Better Betting Nodes compatible with BETR will be on March 31st, 2018, but owners of the token will be able to use their BETR with select sportsbooks before the official launch date.

BetterBetting encourages savvy sports fans and crypto investors to purchase their BETR tokens now, as its low price is expected to appreciate in value within a short time after the hard cap. There is minimal risk in buying tokens as they are tradable within two weeks after purchase, and will almost immediately start being used as value tokens on associated sportsbooks. On January 31st, 2018, when the ICO ends, the hard cap for BETR cannot be increased beyond the 650M limit.

BETR: Transparency and Provable Fairness

Adriaan Brink, the CEO and Founder of Better Betting Foundation, stated:

“We are hugely excited by the traction BetterBetting has already gained within the gaming space. Most of our support thus far has been within the industry – people who understand sports betting just get the idea and are keen to jump on board. By removing friction and providing transparency and fairness for a bet between two parties who have no relationship with one another we will change the way that betting works for many people.”

He continued:

“By going down a peer-to-peer and also peer-to-sportsbook route we do not compete with existing industry players – rather we add to their potential user base and facilitate a much slicker method for instant betting. Our software will enable instant one-click bets from all sorts of widgets that don’t exist yet – think messenger widgets, one-click betting buttons on media and so on.”

Get your BETR tokens before January 31st and in time for the World Cup at and take your game up to the future.


About BetterBetting

The BetterBetting Foundation was established in 2017 in Estonia, aiming to integrate blockchain technology into sports betting for a decentralized gambling system. Founded by Adriaan Brink and David Vanrenen, BetterBetting is a non-profit group of ICO and sports betting experts inclusive of the supervisory board members David Vanrenen, Hilly Ehrlich, and Mitchell Rankin; and the advisors Jon Matonis, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Jez San, and Eric Benz. For more information, go to


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