Sponsored Player, Anthony Goldfinch, Takes Down 10K GTD

Badbeat com Sponsored Player Anthony Goldfinch Takes Down 10K GTD8 September 2011 (London, UK) – sponsored player Anthony ‘NotFolding’ Goldfinch won the 10K GTD Rebuy on Royal Vegas last Sunday night, beating 185 other runners for a well deserved 3000 Euros. Continuing this week’s winning streak, he also won the 3K GTD on Poker Encore on Tuesday night. As a sponsored player, Goldfinch has received extensive training from Badbeat’s mentors and his game shows significant improvement after just three months under their guidance.

“Before I joined Badbeat I was spewing buy ins away like it was Monopoly money and didn’t seem to be on the right side of any run good,” said Goldfinch. “After breaking my loss limit, looking at my hands and realising how bad I was playing, I was told to take a break for a while until some of the coaches could re-evaluate where I was at.”

“The next month I still had the odd spew monkey moment but I made a slight profit under the guidance of my mentor and started to get a real feel for the games. I reviewed some hands with my mentor who spotted some easy mistakes and helped me rectify them. I was down around 10k until he influenced and channeled my game and now I’m feeling confident enough to set myself a target of 10k – 15k profit for this month.”

Goldfinch’s poker mentor, Peter Hedlund, recognised Anthony’s potential from the start.

“When I started mentoring Anthony it was pretty obvious to me that he was a solid, winning player – but with pretty noticeable leaks and some poor results that didn’t reflect his skill level,” said Hedlund. “During our mentoring sessions we’ve had very interesting theoretical discussions. That’s one of the things that Badbeat can really provide – a deep, analytical environment for poker players that wish to be just a little bit better than the rest.”, the original and leading poker staking site, has been sponsoring and mentoring promising players since 2005. This summer it made its revolutionary new MyGame poker training system, modeled on that experience, available free to anyone that’s ready to step up their game.

The MyGame system is designed for any player that wants to learn, win and transform the way they play poker – all for free. It builds players’ poker skills from the ground up by analysing actual play. Access to Badbeat’s tutorials, the unique poker hands analysis tool, Report Cards, and Social gaming features are all free after registering a new account with any of Badbeat’s partner poker sites. is giving away $50 Free to the first 100 players to create a new account on one of their affiliate sites such as BetfairPoker, GentingPoker, PokerTime, and Royal Vegas. Players can claim their $50 by emailing with their site and alias.


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