Seeking Value from Senior Online Poker Analyst at

Seeking Value from Senior Online Poker Analyst at Badbeat.com21 February 2012 (LONDON, UK)- Senior Online Poker Analyst at, Phil Wise, has written an in depth article on seeking value from the detail of each poker playing hand in the January issue of Bluff Europe magazine.

The two page spread discusses the analysis of these hands while providing comprehensive examples of possible improvement areas including ‘Increasing win-rate quickly’, ‘Turn and river value-betting’ and ‘A C-bet can scare off value’. Together with the above Phil also provides quick tips to help the player analyze each scenario within the game.

The article elaborates on hastening the win-rate by encouraging players, “Don’t fall into the trap of keeping all your bets the same size versus all opponents from all positions.” Wise continues, “You can vary them depending on your range, your opponents, your position and also the board texture.”

Understanding Turn and River value betting catches a player “in a few minds” Wise mentions. “It will soon become apparent that you are missing value.” The article provides clear details to increase the value of Turn and River betting.

The Senior Poker Analyst reminds players to, “Think about how you can maximise your value from the beginning of the hand”. The Analyst also suggests if more help, in sporting places to win more money through increased value betting, is needed then contact

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