Operators and Regulators Thrash It Out at GTECH G2 Thought Leadership Debate on European iGaming Legislation

g2-debate-90.jpg6 January 2010 (Stockholm, Sweden) – A capacity crowd of operators, regulators and industry observers gathered in London last month to discuss European iGaming legislation as a panel of legal experts and regulators from France, Italy, Malta and the UK debated the merits of the possible creation of an EU regulatory framework among the 27 EU jurisdictions versus the merits of purely State controlled igaming regulation. The event was hosted by GTECH G2, the igaming software division of lottery industry giant GTECH.

“It’s clear that regulatory change will possibly be the greatest influence on shaping the online gaming sector over the next few years – this is why we decided to host this seminar on the topic of regulation.” said Leigh Nissim, Commercial Director, GTECH G2. “As a highly regulated entity with over 200 gaming licences world-wide, GTECH embraces these changes and we’re keen to work with our customers to maximize the opportunities that that regulation presents.”

Chaired by Robin Le Prevost of the States of Alderney, the debate was lively and insightful.

“In the current state of discussions and EU law, 27 member states have more or less 27 different conceptions of gaming and it’s just as simple as that,” said Debate Panelist Momtchil Monov, Associate, Ulys Law Firm. “When you speak to the Poles, when you speak to the Bulgarians, when you speak to the French, they don’t share the same views. I would say a mutually satisfactory compromise is not that easy. Negotiations are very difficult.”

The debate posed five resolutions to a panel of pro-European legislative harmonization representatives and then posed the same question to a panel of representatives who favour exclusivity for State-regulated gaming markets. Depending on the panel’s view of the resolution, they had five minutes to either argue an affirmative or negative point of view on the resolution posed. This was the first time these issues had been discussed in a structured debate format.

Posing the argument in favor of State-controlled igaming legislation were Quirino Mancini and Momtchil Monov. Representing the argument for the European harmonization and mutual recognition of iGaming legislation were Dr. Trevor De Giorgio, Dr. Joseph Borg and Tom Lippiet. GTECH G2 thanks its esteemed guests for their participation in the debate.

“The purpose of this debate was not to resolve issues, but to open our eyes to both sides of the argument,” said event moderator Michael Caselli. “And I think we did a great job on opening up our eyes to both the State controlled initiatives and the EU wide regulatory initiatives.”

GTECH G2’s next Thought Leadership Seminar will be announced in early 2010.


Transcripts of the event and video highlights are available at www.igamingdebate.com

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