Online Casino Reports Announces New Media Partners Program

Online gambling portal invites webmasters to embed its YouTube video content into their site, blog, forum, or pretty much anything else

4 January 2010 (London, UK) – Online Casino Reports is pleased to announce a new Media Partners Program, inviting webmasters to embed the Weekly Edition YouTube playlist into whatever web presence they have online. Embedding the videos will enrich the website’s content and grant the webmasters special status as an OCR Media Partner – including a unique review page and a link.

The Weekly Edition videos are unique in the online gambling industry, bringing headline news, casino promotions, poker tournament announcements and other information in high quality video form. They are watched by hundreds of subscribers – players and webmasters alike.

Already found across the Online Casino Reports network of sites, webmasters are encouraged to embed them into their sites as well and share this unique video channel with their visitors. Under the new Media Partners Program, webmasters who do so and qualify – the site must be online gambling related and enjoy Google PageRank of 1 or higher – will be listed on as a Media Partner.

“After three years and hundreds of videos, we have noticed webmasters adding our videos to their sites. We realized there is demand for relevant, high quality video content,” said Daniel Olinsky, Chief Editor of “We decided to make it easier for all who are interested to use these videos for your sites. In recognition, we will grant you special status as Media Partners, reviewing and linking to your site from OCR.”

The program is expected to draw attention from webmasters and help spread the videos across to all interested viewers. A number of websites have already taken on the offer and feature the Weekly Edition playlist on their homepages.

Webmasters are invited to embed the playlist. For more information and to sign up, visit


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