Olympian Group moves to InstaDeal®

olympiangroup-logo160x160.jpg 2 October 2013 (London, UK) – Olympian Group’s online gaming brands have today joined InstaDeal®, the innovative fast-fold poker network.

The GEObet.com, Bulldog777.com and GR88.com brands have all moved to the popular fast-fold speed poker network, meaning when players fold a hand they are moved to a new table within seconds.

The InstaDeal® Speed Poker game deals a new set of cards the instant a player folds, eliminating waiting between hands — and any opportunity for collusion. It’s poker without the waiting.

Players on the three sites will be able to play on browser-based or downloadable poker clients, while for the first time they can enjoy real money games on their iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device.

Olympian Group’s brands join several other partners on the network, which upon its launch in 2011 was the only fast-fold poker network on the market.

“The move to InstaDeal® made perfect sense, as it gives players a better all-round poker experience with no risk of collusion and the chance to play more hands,” Peter Karroll, CEO of Olympian Group said.

“Best of all, players with GEObet.com, Bulldog777.com and GR88.com will now be able to play on their mobile phone, as InstaDeal® is compatible with Apple and Android devices.”

“We are delighted to welcome Olympian Group, another strong gaming brand, as a partner offering InstaDeal® and sharing player pools in our poker network,” InstaDeal® Poker CEO Stefan Olsson said.

“InstaDeal® is currently being integrated as the fast-fold poker product for web and mobile at two established poker networks, meaning that the player base will be multiplied for the benefit of all new and existing partners.”

The move follows Olympian Group’s launch of BETSYSTEMS, the market-leading casino-sports-poker management system described by Karroll as ‘the holy grail of online gaming platforms’.

The platform, available exclusively from Olympian Group, is the most cost-effective solution on the market, and in many cases operators will save money by moving to BETSYSTEMS from their existing platform.

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