Keeping Up With Regulatory Trends

How the iGaming Super Show is paving the way to what can and cannot be done

igamingsupershow-160.jpg09 March 2010 (London, UK) — iGaming Business, leading provider of intelligence to the online gambling market, has unveiled its plans to showcase an innovative conference stream which aims to educate and track global regulatory trends and policies. The iGaming Super Show, to be held in Prague between the 25th-28th of May, will be hosting a series of seminars on the 26th specifically aimed at regulators and operators in order to create a deeper understanding on regulatory activity.

“Regulation is one of the most important issues in modern igaming,” commented Michael Caselli, Managing Editor for iGaming Business. “The Super Show’s approach is not only to educate operators on regulation, but to allow existing regulators to share insights that could help future regulators to creating a successful igaming framework in their jurisdictions.”

In a global market where regionalization is a harsh reality, it is critical for the online gambling industry to understand the key nation-specific licensing and regulating factors. In turn iGaming Business will be focusing on these issues via a threefold look at the industry, namely through a Global Regulatory Panel, an in-depth look at key success factors for global regulator and finally a special focus on US Tribal Gaming’s position; their huge influence on the American gaming lobby and potentially their part in shaping the future of igaming in the US.

“We are inviting potential and present regulators from across Europe, South America and the United States to what is really a high-level global regulator’s forum,” Caselli continued when asked who will be attending the session. “Of course, all attendees of the Super Show are welcome to attend this track, and I am sure it will be one of the most popular tracks at the show.”

The popularity of this topic reflects the fact that in most countries, one of the most problematic issues is a lack of experience with liberalized gambling markets. Hence the attendance of regulatory pioneers at the iGaming Super Show, as they will aim to demonstrate how they have successfully licensed, regulated and taxed online gaming operators. Essentially it is only through a balance of regulatory restriction, fair taxation and sensible policy that a viable and successful igaming jurisdiction can be created. With countries all over the world slowly opening their doors to online gambling, both operators and regulators alike need to work together to grow this cash-rich global market and understand the current local opportunities and restrictions. With this conference iGaming Business is eager to demonstrate the self-evident truth that online gaming is here to stay and only in a transparent and adequately regulated industry will state and companies be better able to safeguard their citizens and customers. The iGaming Super Show is free for all attendees and you can find more details on the event and how to register on

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About the iGaming Super Show
The iGaming Super Show is a completely new concept and is set to attract over 2,000 delegates, making it the biggest event in the iGaming calendar. The show will be completely free of charge for all attendees, and will include multiple networking events, high level conference streams and the biggest exhibition the industry has ever seen. The iGaming Super Show is designed to host two shows under one roof – One half dedicated to the mainstream sector such as jurisdictions, payment solutions, software and technical suppliers, and so on and the second half dedicated to the affiliate sector. This is a completely unique concept and means that for the first time, the iGaming industry will have its own show that encapsulates everything.