Improve Your Online Multi Table Tournament Poker Game

Improve Your Online Multi Table Tournament Poker Game6 MARCH 2012 (LONDON, UK)- introduce their innovative and brand new Multi Table Tournament “MTT” Scorecard in the March Issue of Bluff Europe magazine, available now. Phil Wise, a Senior Poker Analyst with, describes how it can be used to improve your online MTT game. He explains how your scores are graded and how you are guided to tutorials and videos to help improve any part of your game that is struggling.

Phil compares the new scorecard with “Independent Chip Modelling” and emphasises how quick and easy the scorecard is to use. “There is also an option to show off your scorecard to friends via Facebook or Twitter. “

As his time as a sponsored player, mentor and analyst, Phil has seen millions of hands of data and shares this experience in his articles, detailing in this case why “Changing Gears” in tournaments is so important. He encourages players to pay attention to their stack size compared to the blinds and details why this is crucial in determining your play and refers to the very useful, “Dan Harrington’s Zone method and ‘M’ calculation”

As an added bonus, this month Phil reveals his top ten tips to “going deep in an MTT”.

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