Cantor Casino’s New ‘Statjack’ Online Blackjack Counts Cards and Gives More Ways to Bet

cantorcasino-logo1-160.jpgStatistical blackjack game, exclusive to, helps players play like the pros
19 August 2008 (London, UK) Cantor Gaming has launched a new Blackjack game for players that want to play Blackjack like the pros. Statjack is available exclusively at

Statjack is the latest fantastic offering from online casino Cantor Casino. This brand-new, interactive blackjack game provides players with real-time guidance on the best choice to make, counts cards for the players, and provides exciting new ways to bet to give players more chances to win!

Manu Gambhir, MD of Cantor Gaming, said: “We have lots of serious players at our casino who find the thrill of blackjack an unmatched experience. We wanted to create a way for all blackjack players to enjoy this same level of thrill and that’s how Statjack™ was born. During the design process we added exciting new bets allowing players to bet on the Dealer’s hand – these bets have become very popular with high rollers and new players alike.”

When playing the game, the guidance feature highlights the recommend choice based on “basic strategy”. This powerful feature gives players a virtual pro sitting by their side, guiding them through the game. Further, the guidance feature shows the probability of winning or losing the hand based on each option available to the player. For example, hovering the mouse over the HIT button will display the probability that making this choice will result in a winning hand or a losing hand. A particularly interesting social feature displays the percentage of other players at Cantor Casino that have chosen the same option when given the same cards – somewhat akin to “ask the audience” feature in game shows such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

For more advanced play, the ‘Card Tally’ shows you how many cards of each value are remaining in the shoe and also reveals the probability of being dealt each of the cards left. This feature allows players to go beyond basic strategy into the advanced realm of “optimal play”.

This invaluable information helps the player make the right choices time and time again. There’s no need to slow the game down while you work out the odds – because the game does all the hard work for you. It will also tell you what other players have done in the same situation.

The player can actually bet on the dealer’s hand, one of the most intriguing and innovative features of Statjack. Even better than normal insurance, a player faced with a poor hand can bet on the dealer winning.

Statjack presents all the information in a user-friendly way. This game uses the latest interactive graphics to provide you with every single stat you want. It’s easy and simple to see what’s going on – and crucially, what you need to do to win. The at-a-glance graphics allow you to be in total control at all times.

As well as helping make better tactical decisions, Statjack has plenty of other unique and exciting features for players: card history, hand history and dealer statistics all improve chances of winning. They’ll be armed with everything they need to know. Plus there’s the opportunity to place optional side bets on the dealer’s hand – even if all hands have bust!

Play smarter, play Statjack – log on and play at Cantor Casino!


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