Backgammon Masters set to break the Guinness World Record for Farthest Backgammon Dice Toss

bgm-dice-160.gifApril 1, 2008 – Backgammon Masters has invited the Guinness Gamer World Records to witness what should be world’s farthest Backgammon dice roll. The record-breaking event will take place during a Backgammon tournament sponsored by the online gaming operator which features two of the world’s greatest Backgammon players facing off on a giant, 1-acre Backgammon board. The tournament is designed to promote Backgammon Masters’ Backgammon Freeroll Tournaments, held online every Tuesday and Friday at, and promises to be an unforgettable event.

Two renowned champions will face off from helicopters flying 200-300 feet above the 1-acre field Backgammon board. The players will roll the dice from the helicopters, dropping them onto the field below. The dice, which were specially designed for the event, are composed of an inflatable material that protects them from the world-record-breaking falls. Once the dice have been tossed, the competitors will then communicate via walkie-talkie to their field staff below, who will move the 3-foot diameter checker pieces according to their wishes.

To design and engineer the details of the event, Backgammon Masters worked with world-known pilot Quentin Smith, an explorer who has braved the world’s most extreme conditions, including Arctic and dessert climates. Smith’s expert advice and input helped to determine the location, regulations and helicopter safety standards of this special event.

The winner of the tournament will get to keep the custom-made dice, valued at 1,000 Euros. The proceeds generated by the tickets sold to the tournament will be donated to charity.

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