AbZorba Games Hits 2million App Installs

goldenbadge_2million-01_160x160.jpg17 September 2013 (Athens, Greece) – Leading mobile social casino games publisher AbZorba Games has reached the milestone of 2 million app installs for its market leading titles.

After reaching the 1 million landmark last December, AbZorba has taken less than nine months to double that total as its free-to-play casino games suite continues to expand.

Live Blackjack21 on Android is considered the worlds leading multiplayer Blackjack and is the flagship casino app in AbZorba’s Hub of Fun Casino, which also contains Live Poker, Live Roulette and Hot-2-Slot™. While ‘Blackjack Live For Tango’ – the product of AbZorba’s first branded partnership – reached #1 in the US App Store within weeks of its release and ‘Live Roulette for Tango’ attained #8 in the same last week.

“AbZorba is enormously proud to have amassed two million gamers across our Hub of Fun mobile casino titles, led by our world beating Live Blackjack21 on Android,” said Andrew Hughes, CEO and co-founder of AbZorba Games.

“Reaching so many installs organically is by no means easy but we have done it by providing terrifically entertaining multiplayer games that are fun, fast and robust – exactly what today’s gamers demand.”

“It took us 18 months from concept to 1 million and only 8 months to 2 million, now we look forward to 10 million!” Hughes added.

Following the achievements of Live Blackjack & Live Roulette for Tango, Hughes described co-branded partnerships as “an integral part of our growth” as AbZorba looks to push on towards 10 million downloads.

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About AbZorba Games

A leading global publisher of mobile social casino games, AbZorba Games™ has established itself as one of the top innovators in its field of mobile casino games for entertainment since 2011. AbZorba also independently operates Live Mobile Hub of Fun™ producing Live Blackjack21™, Live Roulette™, Live Poker™ and Hot2Slot™ on Android and iOS.

Founded in Athens, Greece in 2011 and is also established as a US Delaware LLC in 2012.

The founder and CEO, Andrew Hughes, is a British entrepreneur who is also a co-founder of the newly formed International Social Gaming Association (ISGA) and SGA and is a strong advocate of responsible gaming codes of practice towards AbZorba’s gamers.

For more information on AbZorba Games visit AbZorba Games.